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Couples Counseling

I work with couples to improve or restore their relationship. Couples /Marriage counseling is for couples who are

 dating in an exclusive relationship, engaged, married, and separated. Many couples can improve or restore their

relationship. If a couple has decided to divorce, I suggest they contact a Divorce Mediator.  I only work with

divorced couples when the divorce is final and they need to learn how to interact with each other in a positive

manner for the sake of their children.

I conduct Couples Counseling that is solution focused, with specific end results in mind. 
I help you see changes

quickly and experience a happier relationship right now, not months from now.

We look at the state of your relationship today and work to improve it--rather than rehashing old fights of the



Goals of Couples Counseling

The goal for each partner in Couples Counseling is to identify the negative patterns he or she is bringing to the

relationship, acknowledge those patterns, and work to change them.


Each partner is to speak for him or herself, take responsibility for the state of the relationship today, and do his

or her part to create and build the type of relationship he or she wants going forward.


Arguing is not allowed during sessions. We don't use the session to recount the latest conflict, blow by blow, it

is not an effective use of our time. Arguing rarely resolves a problem anyway. Instead, we get to the root of why 

you are arguing in the first place -- and then work to address those needs.


Session time will be used to learn new ways to clearly communicate your concerns in a way that empowers you

to get what you want from your relationship. Each partner is helped to learn healthy ways of speaking and

listening and helped to create the positive relationship he or she wants.

As you become more self aware, you will focus your energy on improving your part of the relationship,

rather than trying to change your partner, which is frustrating and never really works.

Couples Counseling is brief, short term and solution focused. Before the initial session, you will list your goals

for your relationship and we will work together to improve your relationship with your specific goals in mind. 

Our sessions together are structured: You are guided step-by-step with the aid of videos, personality tests, role

plays, and other tools. Homework is given to speed up the change process so you experience results from the 


The end result is more personal self awareness, and a better understanding of how personality, culture and

gender differences impact your relationship.


You will also gain stronger listening and speaking skills, a better knowledge of how to get your needs and desires

met, and the skills and ability to create more fun, affection,  physical and sexual intimacy in your relationship. 

I will help you create the relationship you want to have. By the time  you leave Couples Counseling you will have

the skills to maintain and grow your relationship on your own.


Treatment Plan

Together we will create a treatment plan incorporating your needs and goals with additional material from

John Gray, Harville Hendrix, John Gottman and other relationship experts to improve your relationship, gain

awareness and learn new skills.

Couples' Counseling treatment plans usually cover the following:

Gaining Awareness

  • Myers-Briggs Personality Test          *  Learn about Personality Similarities and Differences

  • Four Negative Patterns                       *  Identify Four Patterns that Harm Our Relationship

  • Relationship Vision                             *  Create a Vision for our Dream Relationship

  • Family Genogram                                *   Look at Patterns and Behavior learned as Children

  • Imago Therapy                                     *   Learn about My Imago Match from Mom/Dad

  • Gender Differences                              *   Learn about Gender Differences Affecting Us

Learning Skills

  • Communication Skills                        *  Learn to Express Myself clearly so I'm Understood

  • Speaker/Listener Skills                      *  Learn to Speak/Listen More Effectively

  • Conflict Resolution                             *   Learn to Resolve Conflict More Effectively

  • Create 5 to 1 Ratio                               *   Learn to Keep Most Negativity out of our Relationship

  • Increase Fun/Friendship                   *  Build a Foundation for Friendship and Fun

  • Enhance Sexuality                               *   Improve Sex and Affection

  • Caring Behaviors                                  *  Introduce Caring Behaviors that enhance our Relationship

To learn how couples benefited from Couples Counseling click here

Do you feel misunderstood by your spouse? Are you both stuck in harmful patterns of interaction? 

I have helped many couples turn their marriage around. I can help you. Don't give up!
Contact me today.

Couples Counseling
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