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Child Counseling

Play Therapy is an effective method of therapy for children from 3-12 years old. Play is their natural medium of self expression, they use toys as words.

As adults  "talk out" problems, children "play out" their thoughts, feelings and concerns, by using puppets, toys, figurines and drawings.

Children have a wonderful ability to self heal given the right therapist, environment and tools.

I conduct child- directed Play Therapy and Sand Tray Therapy where children choose their own toys and direct their own play therapy sessions. This can help children understand what has happened to them and find constructive solutions to their problems.

High IQ, Gifted and Children with Special Needs

High IQ, Gifted and Children with special needs, autism, development delays as well as children who have experienced loss of a parent, playmate or school, especially benefit from play therapy services. As a parent of a  gifted and  special need child, I understand the difficulties of special needs children as well as the needs of their families and caregivers.

Third Culture Kids-TCKs

Children who have lived in various cultures and countries often need help establishing a strong identity and core sense of self.  This can also be accomplished by play therapy and for older children and teens, talking 
to a competent professional.  As a TCK myself, I understand and can relate to the issues TCKs deal with and would like to offer my services to this special group of children.

If your child is struggling, please contact me right away.

Child Counseling
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