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"Your Passport to Harmony while Globally Mobile"
Expatriate Counseling

Living overseas can be exciting!  Being an expatriate can be fun!

Seeing new places, trying exotic foods, learning different
customs, and sending photos of you standing at famous sites to
envious friends back home....

But the life of an expat is not all glamour: there can be
loneliness away from the support of family and friends,
frustration not being able to communicate as well as you are
used to, culture shock adapting to a different set of values and
customs, and the list for the expat goes on...

Being an American born, native English speaking, seasoned
expat myself, I understand the ups and downs of expat life!
Helen Rudinsky, MS
Marriage & Family Therapist
I know the stress living as an expat can bring,  I have lived through invasions and political unrest
(Warsaw Pact Invasion 1968), currency crisis (Eastern Europe 1990s) and many other events that
affect our lives abroad.

Even though most expats don't live through revolutions and coups on a regular basis, the strain of
living in a different culture can deepen a crack that already exists.

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As a Licensed American Marriage and Family Therapist, I offer English language counseling and I
have been serving couples, individuals and children worldwide since 1980.

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We work on issues that affect us most: loneliness, depression, boredom, marriage conflict, trailing
spouse resentment, Third Cultural Kid identity issues, career decisions, and anything else that
comes up in the life of an expatriate.

As a parent, I understand the challenges of raising children in Vienna. I know about local services,
and the lack or resources here, and I offer my services and support to Vienna parents as well.

Plus, sometimes it's nice to talk to a native English speaker, someone who speaks English like you

Marriage/Couples Expat Counseling
If a marriage is already struggling, living overseas as expats away from the support of home, can
make the marriage worse.

To find out destructive patterns that can severely harm your marriage if left unchecked: "Predictors
of  Divorce"
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Individual Expat Counseling
If a bad habit is starting to rear its ugly head at home, the pressure of expatriate living can turn it into
a full fledged addiction devastating everyone around. To learn more about counseling for individuals

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Child Counseling
I work with TCKs and expat children with special needs, high IQs,
developmental delays and social and behavioral issues.
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Sudtiroler Platz
1040 Vienna
Marriage Counseling, Expat English Language Counseling, Family Counseling

Serving  couples, individuals and children in English speaking expatriate  
communities worldwide since 1980 with face-to-face sessions and phone via Skype.

Copyright 2012@Helen Rudinsky, MS,
Marriage & Family Therapist
Expatriate Counselor
Starting out as a 12-year-old, I have lived in several countries (Russia, Finland, Holland, Austria,
Slovakia, Czech Republic and Switzerland ) and learned numerous languages.

I understand the struggles of Third Culture Kids (TCK)...I am one!